Lege nr. 85/2014 privind procedurile de prevenire a insolvenței și de insolvență, publicat în M.O. nr. 466 din 25 iunie 2014, cu modificările aduse de LEGEA nr. 216 din 14 iulie 2022, publicată în MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 709 din 14 iulie 2022

The Law No 85/2014, in Title III, Cross-Border Insolvency, takes over, in an improved form, the provisions of Law No 637/2002 applicable to legal relations with states outside the European Union. Law No 637/2002, in Title I, Relations with Foreign States, in general, adopted the provisions of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency (1997). The general principles of the UNCITRAL Model Law, originally included in Law No 637/2002, were subsequently taken over in the Law No 85/2006 on Insolvency Proceedings, as well as in Law No 85/2014, currently applicable.

An extract of the Romanian regulations for cross-border insolvency is available in English here.

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Legea nr. 151 din 18 iunie 2015 privind procedura insolvenței persoanelor fizice, publicat în M.O. nr. 464 din 26 iunie 2015

Ordonanța de Urgență nr. 46 din 21 mai 2013 privind criza financiară și insolvența unităților administrativ-teritorialepublicat în M.O. nr. 299 din 24 mai 2013

Codul de Procedura civila din 1 iulie 2010 (republicat) - Legea nr. 134/2010 republicată, în M.O. nr. 247 din 10 aprilie 2015

CODUL CIVIL din 17 iulie 2009 (republicat)- Legea nr. 287/2009 republicata în M.O. nr. 505 din 15 iulie 2011


Company searches can be conducted on the registers maintained by the Romanian corporate regulator ONRC (Oficiul Național al Registrului Comerțului).

Information about a company is accessible including the following data: company number in the commercial register, unique identifier at European level, name, legal form, unique registration code, registered office, duration of operation, company status, main activity, share capital, directors, partners/shareholders, secondary activity, authorised activities, directors/representatives for branches/subsidiaries/secondary offices, auditors, information (5 indicators) from the available annual financial statements, other information, if applicable, data recorded in the commercial register that a certain act or fact is or is not registered.


A historical report of all entries made in the commercial register in the right of a company, presented in chronological order and completed with the current situation, can be requested.

How to access information.

- online, by accessing the InfoCert service (no electronic signature is required; payment is made by bank card only)

- online, via the ONRC portal, here (electronic signature required, payment by bank card or payment order)

- e-mail: (payment by payment order or at the counter)

The indicators published in the annual financial statements/annual accounting reports of companies can be found on the server of the Romanian Ministry of Finance, under:

"Information about economic agents. Selection by unique identification code - identification data, fiscal information, balance sheets".

Details of all insolvency and external administration-related notices can be searched via a dedicated database: BPI (Buletinul Procedurilor de Insolvenţă).

The National Trade Registry Office (ONRC - Oficiul Naţional al Registrului Comerţului) provides, free of charge, on the Internet, the record of persons published in the Insolvency Proceedings Bulletin (BPI - Buletinul Procedurilor de Insolvenţă).

In this section you can identify the legal persons in insolvency proceedings according to Law no. 85/2006 on insolvency proceedings and Law no. 85/2014 on pre-insolvency and insolvency and proceedings, persons for whom insolvency proceedings have been closed, as well as persons for whom an insolvency file is pending but insolvency proceedings have not been opened.

An online service is available on, which publishes information on the name, surname, and surname of the individual against whom insolvency proceedings have been opened under Law no. 151/2015 on the insolvency proceedings of natural persons, as well as the locality and county where he/she is domiciled/resides, access being provided free of charge, based on an account within the ONRC portal.


The purpose of this register is to provide interested parties with an initial means of information, as all the details of cases are available on the Bulletin's pages. Orders, accompanied by payment orders, should be sent directly to the ONRC, by fax: 021.316.08.07 or by email


Provision of information:

- BPI Legal Entities supply services - ONRC service portal.

- BPI provision services for individuals -

A title deed (ownership act) search may be carried out to provide evidence of ownership of an immovable property (real estate), as well as any recorded mortgages on the property, any liens, and any easements, restrictions or covenants that impact a property on the site of NATIONAL LAND REGISTRY AND REAL ESTATE ADVERTISING AGENCY (ANCPI - AGENȚIA NAȚIONALĂ DE CADASTRU ŞI PUBLICITATE IMOBILIARĂ).

The land register extract for information purposes represents the legal cadastral situation of the property at the time of its preparation. It contains information on the surface area of the property and its description, ownership, and any existing encumbrances on the property.


Services available:

Extract for information.

Extract from the cadastral plan on orthophoto plan.

GNSS services.

Real estate: only immovable existing in the e-Terradatabase at the time of the request.

To identify the property for which you want the extract, consult the “Geoportal”.  An order can be paid by one payment method, bank card or credit points.

You can find out in real time essential information about a vehicle registered in Romania in the database of the Romanian Car Register (RAR - Registrului Auto ROMAN R.A.).

Anyone can check the history of a vehicle (provided that the car has passed at least once at the RAR), by accessing the official website of the Romanian Auto Register


The data can be obtained by entering in the "VEHICLE HISTORY" application the email address and the identification number of the vehicle in question (body/chassis series). The application will generate an access code, send it to the email address entered and, after validation, will provide the same email address with the information we have deemed useful for the owner or future owner of a vehicle.

The data generated are: activities carried out at the RAR and the number of kilometres recorded in the vehicle (kilometres recorded in the RAR database or in the authorised ITP stations), the existence/validity of the vehicle's identity card, some technical and identification data, the degree of pollution, the validity of the ITP.

Romanian IP institution OSIM (Oficiul de Stat Pentru Invenții și Mărci) maintains a database that allows to search whether a name or logo used by an entity is protected as a trademark. Patent information can also be identified and checked. 

The Romanian National Register of Real Estate Publicity (RNPM - Registrul Național de Publicitate Mobiliară)is the legal system of securities publicity for mortgages, fiduciary / trusts, specific endorsements, securitized products, and mortgage-backed securities.

The RNPM is a national electronic system of public interest, structured by persons and assets, for the registration of priority in case of foreclosure and for the publicity of legal acts and operations provided by law.


Any person can search for information contained in the registration notices registered in the RNPM, using the Register's software application, on either of the two identical websites: (Ministry of Justice) and (Body of Operators), without having to obtain prior authorisation from any authority and without paying a fee. 

Information on completed and ongoing legal proceedings involving an individual or company can be found on the Romanian Ministry of Justice website, under "Portalul instantelor de judecata ".


Each court in Romania has a site within this portal. The information on these sites is entered and maintained directly by court staff. This information is automatically retrieved from the court case management system - ECRIS CDMS. The information on cases and hearings is automatically updated daily at central level. The most up-to-date case information (reported to the internal court case management application ECRIS CDMS) is available in the ECRIS Infokiosk application which can be accessed from the Infokiosk terminals in each court.

File information can also be obtained by directly querying the portal's centralised database, here.

The jurisprudence portal is an application developed by the Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy to allow citizens and practitioners within the judiciary easier access to judgments handed down by national courts. The documents (judgments, decisions, orders) come from all the courts, and any interested person can access judgments handed down at all levels of jurisdiction which they can use as legal practice in other litigation or in specialist studies.

As the judgments in the portal are anonymised and cannot be identified by case number or by the names of the parties, each document has a unique identification code - RJ code, which can be used to cite the case law and to check the existence of the document in the portal.

The most important professional body is the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania (UNPIR - Uniunea Națională a Practicienilor în Insolvență din România), which represents and regulates the profession of insolvency practitioner at national level. In the more than 20 years of activity of the organisation, the number of UNPIR member professional societies has grown to more than 670, and its more than 3,000 members are organised in 35 branches nationwide.


The National Institute for the Training of Insolvency Practitioners (INPPI - Uniunea Națională a Practicienilor în Insolvență din România)  is the only educational institution that trains insolvency practitioners. The INPPI is aimed at all insolvency practitioners, whether trainees or permanent, regardless of their career level.


Turnaround Management Association Romania is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and apolitical association dedicated to corporate renewal and turnaround management, with an interest in strengthening the economy through the restoration of the corporate value.


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